Monday, October 20

Museum of Natural History

Matt, Maddy and Melody spent yesterday afternoon at the new and improved Museum of Natural History. This link gives more detail on the current exhibitions on display. . Here are a few pictures of what they saw :)


  1. MaddysDaddy9:21 AM GMT-5

    The kids zipped and zoomed all over the museum, taking it all in but lacked stamina. After less than 2 hours they wanted to go home!

  2. Is that the same museum that's in the movie 'Night at the Museum'? I saw it for the first time a couple of months ago and thought "Wow, how cool would it be to go there as a kid!"

  3. aunty lagi2:36 AM GMT-5

    who's the girl? does she belong to vai & fati?
    man, how come we don't have museums like THAT in nz. we only have boring ones! :(

  4. lol Melody is Vai's daughter.


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