Thursday, October 23

Just a Reminder ...

Popcorn sales for the Cub Scouts end November 7th so hurry on up and fill your order/s before it's too late :) These make wonderful Christmas gifts for family and friends!!!

If you have ordered online, please send me a copy of the order so Maddy gets credit for the sale/s. (Batgran, did you manage ok?)

A big THANK YOU to family and friends who have already done this and for those who have had the popcorn sent to our place, I will send them off as soon as I receive them (Sachi, we have to replace one of your tins because *cough* two big mice ate the chocolate one LOL).

For those who placed their order and paid through me (manually), the popcorn tins will be distributed to me on December 6th and then I'll send them to you.

Thanks once again and we appreciate your contributions towards Maddy's fundraising activities.

Alofa Atu xxx


  1. I ordered a tin for Susu's family but for some reason (couldn't possibly be my fault!) the addressee was my name but the address was correct. I've emailed Susu to be on the look out for the tin!

  2. Aunty Sachi3:49 AM GMT-5

    What?!?! Two big mice ate our popcorn????? No worries, I think we can do without. I've got to fit into another bridesmaid's dress by Feb so the less choc popcorn the better. It does sound yummy though!!!! :)

  3. LOL just one tin haha, but the one we have ordered will be yours when it comes in. We will be sending the package to you so you can give them away or let mark eat em all LOL

    Batgran, can you send me a copy of the order please just so I can pass it onto the Pack Leader and Maddy can get credit for the sale :)

    Thanks a whole bunch family!


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