Wednesday, October 22

Not Feeling Well

Maddy is home today with a nasty cough. He picked up a cold last Friday and hasn't been right ever since. He woke up at 3.30am very thirsty and feverish. I was able to cool him down after an hour or so, applied Vicks to the bottom of his feet and covered them with socks, to help suppress his cough so he could go back to sleep - An old wives tale I've been told, but it definitely works.

When he awoke at 7.30am the coughing started again (sounded worse too) so I called the school and left a message that he wasn't coming in today. He wasn't happy about missing school, nor is he happy about missing the Tiger Cub Den meeting tonight because they are going on a visit to the local Fire Station. Oh well, we will have to complete that elective in our own time.

He is now lying on the couch, (sort of) watching a movie called "The Waterhorse," drinking juice and water and ordering mommy to get this and that LOL.

Hopefully by tommorrow he will be ok to go back to school.


  1. Awww...I hope you get better soon Maddy!
    I haven't heard that old wives tale before about the Vicks on the feet. Will have to remember that one for later!

  2. It definitely works. He was able to have a good sleep without the coughing spats.

    Time to get a flu shot once this cold goes away.

  3. aunty lagi7:51 PM GMT-5

    kalofa e, hope maddy is feeling better.
    shucks, i'd much rather pull a sicky and stay home than go to school! one of these days he might work that one out :) lol...

  4. LOL if you were here I'm sure he would of learnt that in Kindergarten bwahahaha.


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