Friday, October 24

Another Lesson Over

Maddy passed his Level 3 Stroke Development swimming lessons last night - YAY!!!!!! We weren't going to let him take the last lesson because of his cold/flu, but since the pool wasn't too cold, and he had his full body swimsuit on, we thought he would be ok ... and he was!!

They were tested on various swimming strokes, glides and kicks as well as water safety rules. Susan, his instructor said that she was not able to push him as much as she would have liked and that he will find level 4 more challenging.

Anyway, Maddy is taking a break from swimming, and will be playing Basketball during the Winter. He will have one training a week and one game in the weekend with two of his friends from school.
(I just hope I can refrain myself from yelling when I'm on the sideline, watching him get pushed (unintentionally) on the court LOL)


  1. MaddysDaddy9:04 AM GMT-5

    I'll (try to) hold you back!

  2. YAY! Maddy!!!
    He should be the bomb basketball player too with you two to coach him. Matt, can you get clip of Rach cheering from the sidelines? Who's going to be holding who back?!? :)

  3. Sounds like so much fun! Do they make the hoops lower and is the ball smaller? Madison must be the tallest in his age group? Looking forward to seeing him play on a video clip!

  4. I know that the hoops are lower but not sure about the ball. I can't wait to see him in action :)

  5. aunty lagi3:27 AM GMT-5

    mate, just teach him... 'elbows up, aim for the chin' hahahaha!!! that'll keep him safe :)

  6. haha and then I'm barred from the gym forever LOL


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