Wednesday, October 1

Search, Discover, Share, 'Roar' ... the Tiger Cub Motto for Maddy's Den. He had his first meeting tonight with his Dad and 6 other cub scouts and their parents at Stenwood Elementary Cafeteria.

The Den started off with learning the Cub Scout Motto and Cub Scout Salute. Then they were asked if they knew the Pledge of Allegiance, and Maddy put up his hand and when asked to come to the front to demonstrate in front of the class, he quickly said "Oh, ... I forgot." This happened a few times throughout the meeting and when Matt asked him on their way home what happened, he said 'he was too shy'. Hopefully in time he will gain more confidence and not be shy to show and tell the class what he knows.

They also played several games of Quiet Ball ( and Maddy won, one out of the three games played.

Their homework before the next meeting is to think of one chore they can do with their adult partner, complete it together and discuss certain character connections and responsibilities that come with doing the chores. These family activities are taken from their Tiger Cub Handbook.

At the next Den meeting, they will be going on a short hike and along the way collecting leaves for leaf rubbings ( .
Maddy came home excited and full of energy and said he had a fun night and didn't want it to end.

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