Wednesday, October 31

Whacky Halloween March

Spiderman Mano'o
Maddy's Best Friend Annie who is dressed up as a Pirate :)

Getting ready to go on their march around the school

Azfar, Whitney, Tiffany, Alex P, Anisa, Maya, Maddy, Nathan, Nayeila and Claire

Marching around the playground

Miss Weatherholtz Class - Room 18


  1. MaddysDaddy9:53 AM GMT-5

    Great photos babe. Looks like it was a super fun day!

  2. It was - the kids were having so much fun but guess what? he wanted to hold hands with Annie LOL

  3. Aunty Lagi9:44 PM GMT-5

    What a great day - loads of fun! Good on you for being so actively involved in his school....

  4. maddysmommy12:32 AM GMT-5

    Yeah its a lot of fun alright - they really encourage lots of parent involvement which is great! I am scheduled twice a month to help out in his class and then volunteer with the PTA.


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