Wednesday, October 31

Pumpkin Day At School

Pumpkin Day at Maddy's school was a lot of fun. They had different activities with lots of parent volunteers helping out. I was in the library reading books to a few of the kids on halloween and pumpkins. I was even asked to read to the whole class while the parents tidied up after snack time.
In this picture Maddy is scooping out pumpkin seeds and then has to count them and mark them on a sheet. The reason why he is not smiling is because the girl next to him, Nayeila, took some of his seeds.

Playing Bingo

Snack Time

Maddy again was annoyed at Nayeila who seems to be having behaviourial problems according to the Instructional Teacher I spoke with that day. He didn't want me taking a picture with her in it LOL

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