Monday, October 8

Smithsonian National Zoo

What a dissapointing start to the weekend, with the All Blacks losing to the French Unbelievable! We are still in shock and I'm sure all of NZ is too!
Today was Columbus Day Holiday and we decided to spend the afternoon at the Smithsonian National Zoo. We were suppose to meet up with Matt's workmates Sakib, his wife and baby, Rajiv and his wife to play tennis thereafter, but for some unknown reason, they were not able to make it so we have rescheduled for next weekend either before or after the bbq at Candy's place on Saturday.

We saw Donkeys, A Panda Bear (well it's bottom LOL), Lion, Tigers, Sea Creatures, Turtles, Prairie Dogs, Alligators, Crocodiles, Tortoises, Snakes, Lizards, and all sorts. It was a fun sunny day and were soooo tired afterwards from all the up-hill walking. We finished the day with pizza, and about to get ready for bed as Matt and Maddy have work and school tommorrow. I'll be attending the PTA meeting held at 9am at Maddy's school then heading off to the gym to do some light weights.

Have a great week everyone!


Maddy, Daddy and the Lions

Inside A T-Rex Skull

Umm Some Kind Of Lizard LOL

Kimodo Dragon

Maddy with his two new toys, Giraffe and Donkey

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