Wednesday, October 31

Trick Or Treat

Maddy and Ashley ready to Trick or Treat

They both managed to fill their entire pumpkin buckets


  1. Aunty Sachi3:58 AM GMT-5

    Wow looks like so much fun!! Maddy must be loving living in America with so many holidays and traditions.
    Hope he didn't eat all the candy at once!!

  2. He is loving it especially when all the other kids in his class are into it too!

    We have enough candy to last a year and I've put most of it away already LOL

  3. MaddysDaddy9:51 AM GMT-5

    He was so proud of all the candy he ammassed through the night and was disappointed when it was all over and done with. I told him that Christmas wasn't too far away and it seemed to cheer him up a li'i bit!

  4. Aunty Lagi9:42 PM GMT-5

    So when you say 'put most of it away' does that mean you've eaten it!? LMAO....

  5. I was just getting used to Annie and now we have Ashley? Is Madison quite the ladies man?

  6. maddysmommy12:35 AM GMT-5

    hahaha no I mean putting it away towards the back of the fridge so he can't get to eat LOL

    Yes, Maddy is quite popular with the young ladies in his class. When Ashley's mom told maddy that he was a good looking boy, Ashley piped up and said that was the reason why she wanted to hang out with him LOL


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