Friday, October 19

Volunteering At Maddy's School

It was my turn to volunteer at Maddy's school today - well actually I was asked to swap with Ashleys Mom (Joanne). I was surprised to see how well behaved Madison was and it wasn't because I was there. He's patient with the other kids except for Nayeila who he seems not to like - I'll have to ask him why! He listens well to the teacher and isnt' one of the naughty ones that is always talking LOL.

I helped with the writing center, where they had to draw a picture and then write down some words to describe it. The writing levels range from a few students not knowing any words to a few kids that did. I went around the tables and all the kids wanted to share with me and ask me lots of questions. When I finally got to Madison's table, he had drawn a picture of Daddy, Mummy and himself at the zoo. Underneath he wrote "Dad", "Mum" and "Madison." (caps and small letters all in the right place) :) I was proud of him.

Come recess time he was full of fun and laughter and playing games with his friends Ryo, Annie, Azfar, Claudia, Michael and Matthew. He's a chatterbox and likes to make funny faces and make his friends laugh. It also seems like he has a close friendship with Annie - his new best friend!

I spoke with both his teachers while they were on the playground and they said that Maddy is kind, polite, helpful and friendly and considering he did not go to pre-school (except a month or two in Samoa), how well he socialises with his classmates.

My next volunteer session is at the end of the month, when they have their Whacky Halloween Festival - I'll take lots of pictures then.

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