Tuesday, October 16

From Cough To Bronchitis

Maddy is not a well child today. I kept him home yesterday after a long weekend of non stop coughing and fever. It got worse last night and he even vomited a couple of times. I took him to the doctors this morning (only available day and time) and it turns out that he has a slight case of bronchitis. He has been given chewable antibiotic tablets that he has to take every 12 hours for the next week or so.

He is not happy that he has to stay home as he would rather be at school with his friends. They are preparing for the Halloween Whacky Festival at the end of the month and also practicing new songs for the Heritage Festival early next month. All the kids are performing and singing songs and everyone can dress up in their national or native colors or traditional wear. We haven't decided how we should dress him up - they say you can have them wear the flag of their country or nationality or dress them up in their national clothing. What do you think we should do? Any suggestions family? maybe dress him up in an i'e faitaga and shirt, or screen print a shirt with the samoan, japanese and cook island flags or go all KIWI or ?!?

If you take a look at the school link here under Heritage Festival, you can see the different outfits the students wore - they looked awesome! http://www.fcps.edu/StenwoodES/scrapbook.htm


  1. Aunty Sachi2:11 AM GMT-5

    LOL Madison can have 4 different outfits and change in the intervals and steal the show.

    I reckon go with the most dramatic outfit. Kiwi would be too boring (unfortunately the ABs bombed out so that's out the window). I'd go either Samoan or Cook Island...or a combination of both. Do you need us to send anything over?

  2. No no I went looking through his closet last night and managed to find an island shirt and i'e that he still fits :) it even has samoa on the shirt :) he's outgrown all the shirts i bought before we left!

    I was thinking that we as a family should do an item, because you can, but when i mentioned it to matt he just looked at me and laughed LOL ok maybe i'll wait until he is a little older or in 1st or 2nd grade then do an item in Samoan :) now that would be fun to do!

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  4. oi when we go to Raro i'm going to find him an outfit or buy some pariu material to make something for next year!

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