Saturday, September 22

"Walking With Dinosaurs" Show

Tonight we went to see "Walking With Dinosaurs : The Live Experience" show at the Verizon Center. Thanks to Daddy who found some cheap tickets at the last minute, we were able to experience what it was like during the "age of dinosaurs". What an experience it was and of course Madison loved every minute of the show. His eyes were fixated on the entire show and he hardly ate any his food. Everytime a new dinosaur came out on stage, he yelled out their names and smiled excitedly especially when Mama T-Rex and Baby T-Rex entered the stage (his favourite out of all the dinosaurs).

Here are some pictures of us at the dinosaur show.

Maddy eagerly waiting for the show to start

Very excited

Utah Raptors


Baby T-Rex, Torosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Mama T-Rex

At Intermission, Maddy playing with one of his light toys

Allosaurus and Brachiosaurus

Allosaurus and Stegosaurus

Ankylosaurus, Baby T-Rex and Torosaurus


  1. Aunty Lagi12:49 AM GMT-5

    Maann, you got WAY more exciting stuff to do there than here!!

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