Thursday, September 13

Lunch Date With Maddy

Maddy invited me to join him for lunch today and it was a lot of fun. He was so happy to see me and ran over and gave me a great big hug. I felt very special :). I helped his teacher Miss Weatherholtz hand out the lunch bags before we walked in a line into the cafeteria.

I made lunch for Maddy today because he wanted to be like the rest of his class, who mainly bring their lunch from home and only a few order theirs at the school. Today he had two bologne sandwiches with light mayonnaise, an apple, a small bowl of peaches, 2 apple juices and a small packet of goldfish biscuits. I ended up ordering from the cafeteria and had a small kiddies sized pizza slice, spaghetti bolognaise, small lettuce and tomato salad and fat free milk. As soon as I sat down with my order, Maddy wanted to eat it, so we ended up swapping lunches - I got left with the sandwiches and he ate the pizza and the spaghetti bolognaise!! Humph, I was looking forward to eating pizza LOL.

I met six of his classmates who were sitting with us at our table (Raoul, Ashad, Nicole, Ashley, Michael and Natalie). They wouldn't stop talking and wanted to tell me about what they were eating for lunch, what they did today and all sorts. It was so much fun. I felt like I was a substitute teacher or something LOL

Maddy wanted to share his goldfish biscuits with his two friends Raoula and Ashad but was told by one of the teachers supervising that kids were not allowed to share lunches because many of them had food allergies. "Fair enough" I said. Maddy then whispered to me and said "I didn't know that we can't share our food? I gave some of my biscuits to Michael yesterday?!?!" I said "it's ok son, now we know that you can't share your food." He replied "oh poop!"

Overall I had a fun time with Maddy today and it was great to see firsthand what sorts of food they provide and what happens during their lunch break. Thanks for the invitation son!

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