Tuesday, September 4

First Day Of School Was GREAT Mum :)

Says Maddy as he walks off the bus after school. Our boy did well in terms of catching the bus to school and home again without any problems. He loved riding the big yellow school bus. He wants to do it again tommorrow and the next day and the next, infact forever he says LOL.

He made one friend in his class but can't remember his name. The fun part of the day was playing on the playground, drawing and scribbling and the 30 minute rest they got to have after lunch. Mum has to remember to pack a beach towel for him so that he has something to lie down on.

He ordered chicken nuggets, chocolate milk and peaches for lunch and said that it was filling. There were no snacks given out today as the roster has not been finalised yet. Each family provides a healthy snack once a month and its up to each family to decide what that healthy snack is, bearing in mind those who are allergic to peanuts or nuts of any kind. Not sure when our turn is but it's going to be apples, since we always have lots of apples on hand at home.

His Special classes for PE, Music, Computers, Art and Guidance will be held on the following days:

Music W
Computers TH
Art M
Guidance TH
Library Not allocated yet

Its great to see there will be lots of physical education for him as he is one not to stay in one place for very long and being able to run around and let out all that energy he has everyday, would be great for Maddy.

He has a Teacher-Parent Communicator booklet which is sent home with each child daily with important newsletters and notices. If we need to communicate anything with his teacher, then we use this booklet too as they check it daily as well. Nice way to keep in contact and to be notified of important and or upcoming events.

Overall Maddy had a great day and even though he doesn't remember much of it, he says it was great and can't wait to go back tommorrow!


  1. Aunty Sachi4:25 AM GMT-5

    What an awesome update Rach! Feels like we were there as well. Thanks for all the pics and the detailed description of Maddy's first day.

    He's such a grown up little man now!!

  2. MaddysDaddy8:21 AM GMT-5

    I think he remembered that his friend's name was Michael. Funny how he says he can't remember when you ask him but 30 mins later he remembers.


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