Monday, September 17

Maddy's PlayDate

Maddy invited his friend Daniel who is 9 years of age and lives upstairs on the third floor, over to our house today. They go to the same school and catch the bus home together as well.
They are playing play station games, drinking juice and eating goldfish biscuits. He is soooo excited that he has a friend over to play with. It means I get to watch my talk shows while they are busy playing the games. YAY :):)

I wanted to take a picture of them both but the camera battery is flat - Maybe next Monday. Daniel and his family only have two more weeks here before they move for good to Utah. Maddy is especially sad to see him go. They have become good friends over the last few weeks.

Nevermind, he has made a few more friends at school, and no doubt once we get to meet their parents, he will be bringing more friends home to play.

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