Tuesday, September 11

School Fundraising Has Started!


Top Quality Products from Lavender's

Visit our website: www.lavenders.org


Here's how to participate:
1. Show the brochure to friends, relatives and co-workers (or ORDER ONLINE)
  • Out of town friends and family can now support our school by ordering online at http://www.lavendersonline.org/
  • All orders must be received by Friday, September 28th.
Prizes are awarded to every student that sells 40 items or more. They will be taken in a stretch HUMMER limo for lunch at a local fast food restaurant AND the top selling class in the school will have the honor of ADOPTING A GIANT PANDA from the National Zoo.

Ok friends and family, if you're interested, take a look at http://www.lavenders.com/ website. You will find out all about the company involved in helping schools with fundraising activities.
  • Signup or register yourself with the company first - its free.
  • To view the items for sale, Click on "order online" or type in http://www.lavendersonline.org/ and scroll through and see if there is anything you would like to order.

  • Once you have selected and placed items in your shopping cart, you will be prompted to another screen to enter the school details and students name. See sample below.

  • Enter correct shipping details

  • Enter billing details i.e. credit card details

  • Confirm your order and make sure your details are correct.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address confirming order.

If you have any questions or prefer NOT to sign up and order online, send an email to rvmanoo@gmail.com or mmanoo@gmail.com stating the item number, quantity and total cost and we will place an order on your behalf. We can then make other arrangements for you to send the funds.



  1. Aunty Sachi10:04 PM GMT-5

    What a great idea! Do you know if they deliver overseas or will we just be ordering stuff for you guys?!? LOL

    Always happy to help our wonder boy!!

    :) Aunty Sachi

  2. Yes, my question too...how do we order if we're overseas? Sounds great...I'm sure we can get that 40 order ride in a hummer for Maddy!

  3. Well I went through and found that when it asks for the shipping details it allowed those who lived overseas to put in their country of origin of where to ship the goods to, so I'm assuming that they do!

    Try one item and go as far as the shipping details. You will see a drop down menu for the country, and NZ and Australia is on there, so I am assuming they will send overseas. If they don't then we can put our address in and when we receive it, we can send it on to you guys!

    You won't need to put any billing details in until after you enter your shipping details, so if it still doesn't seem like they will send overseas, we can order on your behalf and then sort out the funds later.

    What do you think?!? :):)

  4. sorry not country of origin, i mean the country that you live in LOL

    I have a contact email and number that I will call tommorrow to confirm - its midnight here so i'll do that first thing in the morning :)

  5. Aunty Sachi2:55 AM GMT-5

    Ok thanks Rach...will have a go and see what happens.

    I'm sure Batgran would buy the whole site if she could!!!


  6. let me know how it goes! we can always do it here for you and then send the items to you when we get them :)

    Thanks for your support family! I have already gone and marked a few things as well, its just a matter of convincing daddy who has the bankcard LOL

    If we can sell 40 items, then Maddy gets to ride in a hummer :):) Wheet Whoo - now how awesome is that!

    I have also sent emails to my side of the family as most of them don't check maddy's website - I may even add it to bebo LOL Hmmm I may even call them LOL

  7. Don't forget to send me a list of items you purchased so I can take note and add it to his list. I know its recorded online but i want to make sure the school recognises how much items are bought on Maddy's behalf and that they are counted towards his total items sold :)

    Ok I best be going around the neighborhood and knocking on doors too LOL

  8. I also forgot to add that there are tons of other prizes that maddy can win depending on how many he sells (mostly toys and games an even an ipod! cool aye?


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