Tuesday, September 4

Off To School

Who is afraid of his first day of school? not Maddy! He was up and ready by 7am eating breakfast and talking about how excited he was to be going to school. After breakfast he brushed his teeth, washed his face and had his daddy do his hair. He chose his clothes he wanted to wear from the top, underwear, shorts including his shoes. I was a little worried because he picked up a cold a few days ago (runny nose and slight cough) and is just getting over it. It didn't stop him from wanting to go to school though. I put an extra t-shirt and shorts in his bag as well as his playing shoes just incase he sweats and needs to change. I didn't need to put any lunch in there because he will be ordering from school. However tommorrow I will put a small water bottle and some fruits to nibble on incase he gets hungry during the day. I wonder if he is allowed to eat in class? LOL, probably not, oh well!
Once ready, we were out the door by 8am walking him to the bus stop which is just around the corner. He met three other kids waiting for the bus too.

As soon as he got on the bus, he turned around and waved goodbye and said "byeeeeeeeee Mum" and no byebyes for Daddy. I think he was more worried about me and making sure I was going to be alright without him today. He was a brave little boy and was not scared to jump right onto the bus to take him to school. We then walked over to his school to make sure he arrived their safely and walked him to his class.

As soon as he got off the bus I said that I would walk him inside and he proceeded to put up his hand and say "I know the way mum, you don't need to walk me!!!" I got teary eyed because it showed how brave he was and how proud I am of him ,to be so strong and independent. I still followed him though because I had a few forms to give to his teacher and to explain to her that he had a slight cold.

This is a picture of his classroom with the instructional teacher at the front. They were still waiting for a few more students to arrive. As soon as he found his roome, he walked right in, found his chair, sat right down and started to draw and color in with the others on his table. He did not once turn around and say goodbye. On that note, it was time to leave him be. I can't wait to find out all about his day when he gets home around 3.15pm.


  1. MaddysDaddy11:30 AM GMT-5

    Love the post and pix babe!

  2. thanks hon! I can't stop thinking about how he is doing at school and hoping that he is ok at lunchtime and when he comes home. I am so lonely all by myself at home :(


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