Friday, August 31

Playing Tennis

Since Fati and Vai arrived last Saturday, we have been playing tennis at the park almost everyday. Fati has a new job with the American Samoa Consulate and starts on September 4th. They move into their new home on Sunday, which is going to be exciting for all, especially now that we have friends and another place to hang out at (bring on the bbqs!). Maddy is also enjoying the time at the park (his most favorite thing to do nowadays) and is learning fast! Here is the latest pictures of Maddy and Daddy getting ready to play tennis :)

and Umm next time I sound fobby in my posts, please tell me LOL I just went through this one and edited it bigtime hahahahaha~


  1. MaddysDaddy1:39 PM GMT-5

    Love the pic of Maddy with the tennis racquet!

  2. Aunty Sachi6:34 PM GMT-5

    Watch out Federer, here comes Madison Mano'o!

  3. Anonymous2:46 AM GMT-5

    don't forget to bring those rackets to rarotonga!! Aunty Lagi xx

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