Saturday, August 11

Orlando Florida and Seaworld

We had so much fun in Orlando Florida staying at the World Center Hotel and Resort - Marriott, which was very flash I might add. Matt managed to find us a reasonably priced package which included our hotel stay for 5 days and 4 nights as well as our Seaworld tickets for the duration of our stay. The hotel was primo and the view from our room on the 8th floor was awesome.

We arrived Monday afternoon after picking up a rental car, and headed straight for the pool. We had a quick tour of the hotel and resort, checked out the restaurants and then went for a swim. We had dinner at one of the hotel restaurants called Solaris and then watched a family movie on tv in our hotel room. It was nice and cool and the beds were very comfortable. The mini bar was stocked with yummy goodies like pringle chips, peanuts, chocolate and sorts that we made use of.

The next morning, I awoke at 6am and headed downstairs to Starbucks for my daily dash of coffee (Dulce Le Leche Latte) and walked around and looked at the souvenir shops. I got Maddy and Matt up and ready for our trip to Seaworld which was only 10 minutes away.

Seaworld was very crowded but we had fun anyways. We saw dolphins, sharks, penguins and all sorts of sea creatures and spent a good four hours looking at all the attractions before we headed out for dinner. It was really really hot on our first visit to Seaworld so we decided that since we had three more days to go, that we would do the Shamu the Whale shows the next day. We played games and won toys for Maddy too, a baby penguin and several baby whales and dolphins. We left the purple dragon at the hotel because it was wayyy too big to bring home on the plane.

On Wednesday we went back to Solaris for a buffet breakfast which was very yummy then headed off to Seaworld for the 2x Shamu shows. We waited until the afternoon as the temperature hit the 90's. The Shamu shows rocked especially the evening show, where we got splashed (soaked more like it) and sang along with the crowd to all the songs they played. We had so much fun.

We stayed for the fireworks afterwards and then headed back to the hotel.

On Thursday we spent all morning in the pool and then headed for the outlet shops and bought some clothes and shoes for Maddy (since he will be starting school in September) . We then went to lunch at Taco Bell then found a mini golf and family adventure park to play at.

By the end of it all, Mommy and Daddy were all tired out and Maddy was still rearing to go. Thursday night was spent relaxing in the room, packing and getting ourselves ready to head on home the next day. We managed to squeeze in breakfast and a two hour swim before returning our rental car and heading to the airport for our flight at 4.45pm to DC.
We had such a great first family vacation together and the most enjoyable feature of the trip that Maddy really really liked besides Seaworld, was swimming in the pool. I need to get him into some swimming lessons.


  1. Aunty Sachi2:33 AM GMT-5

    Hey Rach,
    An awesome blog entry. Its great to hear what you guys have been up to and how much fun you had on your holiday.
    It looked like a great place to visit - maybe we'll have to head there one day!!
    Look forward to more blog entries!!
    xoxo Sachi

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