Thursday, August 2

Hair Cut Time

Maddy gets his very first haircut today at Daddy's barber shop. He did well by sitting still and listening to the barber. The barber did a really good job and cut his hair really nicely. Here are some pictures of Maddy getting his hair cut.

Our handsome boy - He looks so grown up now that he is 5.


  1. Aunty Sachi8:04 PM GMT-5

    What a handsome boy. Love the side part and combover!!

    Can't believe that he's had his FIRST hair cut! So who's been cutting his hair since?!?

  2. I've been giving him haircuts but the last one I gave him grew out kinda funny so we wanted to have his hair done by a professional and then I could maintain it after that! haha

  3. Well not sure about the maintain it afterwards but we shall see (hahaha)

  4. Maddysmommy5:32 AM GMT-5

    oops that comment was left my maddysmommy

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM GMT-5

    Where did my baby grandson go? He's looking very sharp!


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