Friday, August 24

11 More Days ...

... before Maddy starts school - Hooray!.

We just received in the mail a welcome notice and information brochure about the Open Day scheduled for next Thursday for all the newcomers. We will be meeting his teacher, finding out which class he belongs in, and deposit funds into his lunch account. Each student has a lunch account with the school and its up to us to keep it topped up every week. Maddy gets to order his own lunch at a cost of $2.15 per day which also includes milk. Parents can also join their children for lunch at a cost of $3.15 per adult. I asked Maddy whether he would like me to come and have lunch with him from time to time and he shook his head and said that his school is not for Adults, so to me that means "NO". Oh well :(

The lunch menu for the first day of school is :

Chicken Nuggest w/Muffin
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
Yoghurt w/Pretzel

Choice of two:
Vegetarian Baked Beans
Celery/Baby Carrots w/Dip
Chilled Pears w/Cherry
Dried Cherries

I am happy that there are a few items on the lunch menu that he does like i.e all of the first four except pretzels (don't think he has tried those). Back in my day, my mom made my lunches and they were not as exciting as what he will be eating at school.

His school even provides several websites like "keep in touch"(receive timely information about the school system and other schools) and "wecare@school" (a secure access site where we update emergency care information for Maddy) and "parent view" (where we can view Maddys school work progress, home assignments and other communications with the teacher and school). Pretty neat I say having access to all of this. It means I can monitor Maddys progress and be kept up to date with what is happening at the school.

We even received a list of the bus routes and have figured out that I only have to walk Maddy around the corner to catch his bus at 8.06am. Looks like bedtime will have to change just so he is up and ready and had breakfast by at least 7.45am.

I hope that I don't get teary eyed when he goes to school. I know he is very excited (just like we are) and he can't wait to start.


  1. MaddysDaddy1:55 PM GMT-5

    I don't know who is more excited about school, him or us! haha

  2. Aunty Sachi7:00 PM GMT-5

    What a great school! he sure is growing up fast! Hmmmm the lunch menu is making me hungry. I thought he had to choose one of the 4 and then figured out that he got all four items of each option. Wow, they sure do feed them well!!

  3. no i think your right there Sachi, as in choice of one of the first four and then can choose two of the second lot...i think LOL i will soon find out when i ask on Thursday!

  4. Anonymous1:25 AM GMT-5

    LOL.. just place his lunch order and ask for one of everything! real samoan appetite! hee hee...

    sounds like a great school - communication with parents is a biggy. sounds like they're on board with that!

    yup - i agree with Matt, who's more excited? you guys or him? LMAO!


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