Saturday, August 18

Paper, Rock, Scissors And BBQ

One of Maddy's favorite games to play with Daddy. We spent lunch at Pizza Hut on Wednesday and for the first 20 minutes before our food arrived, Maddy and Daddy played Paper, Rock and Scissors. It was fun watching them play and Maddy laughing all the time.

Yesterday afternoon we were invited to Matts work bbq and it was wondeful. We all had lots to eat and a nice fruit punch to drink and then sat around listening to all the stories the team shared about their trips to Africa and other places. Maddy was the oldest there and had three children following him everywhere. He was like a big brother to them all.

Adam, Candi, Mark, Chris, Seth and his son

Maddy, Stella and her Mom Lauren

Stella, Lauren, Seth and his son, Sakib and his wife and son and Roseanne

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