Friday, August 31

Open Day At Stenwood Elementary School

Yesterday was the Open Day for Maddys School. It was very crowded with parents introducing their kids to their new school. We met his teacher and instructional assistant who will be helping out in his class of 26 students. His teachers name is Miss Tara Weatherholtz, a native of Waynesboro, VA and has recently graduated from James Madison University. The instructional teachers name is Mrs Sarah Rearick who has previously worked in special education over the past seven years. They both seemed like really nice ladies and very keen and eager to get started.

Maddy loved his new classroom. He found his desk with his name on it, and a information package for mommy and daddy. They were given treasure hunt sheets to find things in the classroom while the parents spoke with the teacher/s.

We then went on a tour of the school and saw the music lab, computer lab, gymnasium, playground (maddys favorite of all), the main office, and also met the school counselor and Principal.

Overall it was a great Open Day. Maddy was very excited and couldn't wait to start already!. I think I am more nervous/anxious than anything and not sure what I should buy him for his first day school outfit. There are lots of sales this weekend and even though sports shorts and tees would be ideal and comfortable, I noticed most parents dressed their kids up in cargo shorts, polo tops and sandals LOL He does have these but they have been worn a lot so it might be a good excuse to buy some more or at least a few outfits for his first week of school (and also for me LOL).


  1. MaddysDaddy1:41 PM GMT-5

    He does have these but have been worn a lot so it might be a good excuse to do some school clothes shopping for him this weekend (and maybe me too LOL).

    Ummm are you going to kindy too? haha

  2. hahaha no but I'm accompanying him to kindy LMAO

  3. Aunty Sachi6:35 PM GMT-5

    Awwww what's another couple of pairs of cargo shorts and some more shirts??
    That's what I tell Mark all the time...'what, is another pair of shoes for me going to kill you?' LOL

  4. Anonymous2:45 AM GMT-5

    Told BatGran & Papa that 'we' need to buy Maddy some NZ clothes so he can REPRESENT at his new school! hehehe... and by 'we' I of course mean 'them' LOL!

  5. I know aye! I was thinking of dressing him up in his "all blacks" gear but its still quite warm so i might just save it for when winter falls upon us which is not too far away brrrrr i can feel the cold already :(

  6. MaddysDaddy8:24 AM GMT-5

    I can't believe it's gonna cost us 25 bux to see 1 game for the RWC. EHHHHHHHH


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