Tuesday, April 26

The Next Generation

Maddy's new high score of 171

Maddy and I went for some bowling practice this afternoon. He said he was a little tired from school but decided to throw a few with his old man anyway.

He ended up playing 5 games, 2 more than me.

After his first 3 games (141, 124, 171) he was so pumped from besting his previous high of 142 that he wanted to bowl 2 more. His last 2 games were 148 and 103, giving him a 5 game average of 137.4. If you discount the last game where he was clearly tired, it adds up to a 4 game average of 146!

A little history before I go on; 4 months ago Maddy's PB was 86. I told him that if he ever broke 100 I would buy him his own bowling ball. Not long after that he shot a 104 so off to the pro shop we went. He got a cheap 8 lb plastic ball with a conventional grip. After playing with it for a month or so he declared that it was too light so he used his own money to buy himself a 10 lb hook ball with fingertip grips.

Almost immediately his scores improved. His personal bests went from 104 to 108 to 124 to 142 and now it stands at 171. He was happy about the new high score but even happier that he finally beat his daddy in a game.

I didn't expect Maddy to improve this fast but if he keeps this up we might have to put him on our  league team next season. We have signed up for a Adult/Youth league that starts next month so hopefully he will stay interested.

Mommy watch out, Maddy is coming up fast!


  1. Snap, I was just about to post an entry about Micah first go at bowling.
    It's amazing how fast they grow up. Good on Maddy for giving it a go and trying so hard. And good on Daddy for encouraging him!

  2. He, unlike his mother, takes to my coaching advice well and is a quick study.

    He'll be better than me in a couple of years!

  3. Heyyyy I listen ... Sometimes LOL


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