Friday, April 22

At Work With Dad

Maddy is spending his final spring break day with me at work today.

He has been well behaved and quiet, which comes as no surprise.

Last time he was here, he drew me several nice pictures, which I have hanging in my cubical. But this time he has been too busy on the computer to break out the drawing tools.

We have stocked up on all the necessary tools for a successful day at work, namely, Oreos, graham crackers, Sprite Zero and Mentos.

We'll be heading home soon, perhaps stopping by the bowling center for a few practice games to get the weekend started right.

Happy weekend all!

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  1. Well that's great that you can take him to work with you. Can you ask him to update Micah's blog when he's got some spare time on the computer?!? lol
    Oreos are my faaaaavourite!


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