Friday, April 22

At Work With Mommy

I also had to take Madison to work with me one day of this week. We spent the first day of Spring break with Annie, then the second and third day with Dillon.

We did a lot of fun things including movies 2x, games, swimming, walks, parks but the most interesting time the boys had was when we went to the gym. They have a kiddies play area which Maddy absolutely loves. Not only does he get to run around and play, he gets to make new friends too!!

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

He completed this in less than an hour - a total of 437 peices

Doesn't it look awesome?!? :)


  1. Looks like he had more fun with you!

  2. Wow, that's a pretty amazing plane. Micah would love that one (although he'd rip it apart in less than an hour too).
    Good that Maddy can hang out with both his parents at work!


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