Wednesday, April 20

Hanging With Dillon

Maddy has the entire week off school thanks to Spring Break. Lucky for him, he gets to spend it with his good friend Dillon, who is staying with us for most of the week. Dillon (9) is a friend that Maddy met during his swimming classes a few years ago.

Horseplay with Dillon

At the play center at Golds Gym

Enjoying the pasta at Noodles & Co.

Time warp: Space Invaders at the movie theater

More arcade fun

At the fish pond
Today, Mommy took the boys to see a movie and afterward they will make their way to the local rec center for a swim in the pools.

Why, oh why, am I stuck at work on a nice sunny spring day like today?


  1. I don't know what you're talking about. Looking after the boys sounds like hard work to me! Good on ya Rach for entertaining the boys. Looks like lots of fun. It's school holidays here too but every day is a holiday for us right now....but not as many nice things to do in Wellington.
    We're off to Sonny's place today for Easter Friday lunch. Hope you guys have a good one! :)

  2. Give our best to Sonny and the aiga!

  3. Definitely hard and tiring work lol Had to keep them busy and mostly out of the house or else they would want to spend all day on their computers or nintendo ds games. :) had fun though! Happy Easter to you all xox


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