Sunday, April 17

Maddy, The Gentle Giant

4 feet, 11 inches at 8 years old
Our Maddy is a growing boy, he is almost 5 feet tall at only 8 years of age. To put it into perspective, it took my mom 16 years to get to that height.

He towers over the kids in his age group at school and I can tell that he takes a measure of pride being the tallest.

I keep telling him that it's better to be the smartest but I have a feeling that kids value height more at his age than they do smarts, so my sermons largely fall on deaf ears.

We get weird "are you sure?" looks when we get asked how old he is and we answer "8". Especially in those all-you-can-eat buffets that charge according to how old your child is.

His feet are huge, which means he's got more growing ahead but it also means he is heavy footed and has not quite grown accustomed to them yet.

The next time we see the crew in NZ, he should be taller than his paternal grandparents and seeing eye to eye with a couple of his aunties.


  1. Aunty Lagi5:05 AM GMT-5

    OR he could be the tallest AND the smartest... great combination!
    can't believe how tall he is... and how much more growing he has coming up. He will DEF be towering over Aunty Lagi by the time I see him next!!

  2. Great blog and I laughed at the comment about mom. Was thinking when I see pics of Maddy that he looks awful tall.
    Like Lagi said, he's going to be tall, smart AND good looking!!
    Thanks for the update. Will try to update Micahs blog some time soon!! Xx

  3. I remember having to take Matthew's birth certifcate along to places where they charged by age (drive in movies). What size t/shirt does he wear now? I'm sure I would get something wayyyy too small!

  4. I don't know what size t-shirt he wears Mom. He keeps out growing everything. If we were still in Samoa, I'd let him go shirtless and shoeless and save us a fortune in clothes and shoes!


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