Monday, July 3

Long Overdue

It's been awhile since I updated Maddy's Journal and for that I apologize. The past 3 weeks have not been kind to me healthwise. I spent 2 weeks at home sick and haven't quite recovered yet. I don't think I'm eating well, I eat too much fast food and am not looking after myself like I should. I'm not young anymore and my body can't handle this much abuse without reacting to it I guess.

I can't wait for my family to get over here. It's like my life is on hold til they arrive. My mind is in hibernation and I'm finding it hard to focus, there are so many things I have to do but am finding it hard to find the energy and the motivation to get it done. I hope I break out of this mind numbing malaise soon. I miss Rachel and Maddy.

Work has been good, the staff have been very supportive and it's good to know that they are there if I ever need a helping hand. I'm lucky to be in such a position.

Last week I finally found us a place of our own, it's in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo on the second floor in a nice area. It's close to one of the better elementary schools in Fairfax County and right across the street from the Dunn Loring Metro stop, so commuting to work will be a breeze from now on. I sign the lease on Wednesday and move in on the 15th of July. Exciting times ahead!

Rach and Maddy will be heading to NZ on the 19th of July to await their immigrant visa interview with the US Embassy, a trip they are both looking forward to. I hear that BatGran is planning Madison's 4th birthday bash and that there might even be a surprise visit from aunt Sachi and uncle Mark from Oz so it sounds like I'll be missing out on a fun day. Take lots of photos guys!

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