Monday, July 24

Just Imagine

Imagine that you just moved in to a new place and it was totally unfurnished. What would you get first? I have spent the entire weekend thinking up a list of stuff I need to get (I came up with 43 things to get) but need to narrow it down to a "Top 5" if you will. Here's my list:
  1. King sized bed (All 3 of us can sleep on the bed until we can get a singe bed or bunk bed for Maddy later on down the line).
  2. TV set (Seems kinda excessive but have you ever sat in a room for days with nothing to do but stare at the walls? I want Maddy and his mommy to have a TV to watch while I'm at work, so there!).
  3. Dining table and chairs (need a place to eat)
  4. Sofa set (gotta have a place to sit)
  5. Pillows, sheets and duvet

I wanted to add "computer" to the Top 5 so Rachel could keep in touch with friends and family but there's always the phone (for now) and if it's urgent I always have email access at work. I wanted to add "iron and ironing board" to the list but I discovered a neat trick; putting my wrinkled clothes in the drier for 10 minutes gets rid of most of the wrinkles. What would you put on your Top 5 list?

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