Thursday, July 20

The New Place

If you're wondering why I keep changing the appearance of Maddy's blog, you're not alone. I wonder the same thing myself sometimes but in a nutshell the change was made for two reasons; firstly the page was too blue which made it hard to read and secondly it was a commonly used template so it was used in too many other places which is like wearing a shirt to work only to see everyone else on your floor wearing the exact same shirt. The first urge you have is to run home and change, which is basically what I've done. I like the new scheme which has a few palm trees growing between some skyscrapers, a nice representation of our island family living in the big city.

I moved in to our new place in Virginia last night. It came unfurnished so although it's a pretty big place already, it seemed virtually cavernous because of the lack of furniture. The electricity wasn't on when I got there, which was odd since I was assured by the power company that they had switched it on the day before, so I broke into the utilities room downstairs and switched the master key on myself. Yes, my misspent youth came in handy.

So it was nice to go upstairs and have the lights work and hear the hum of the central air conditioning. The first thing I did was turn the aircon on all the way to cool the place out quicker. I woke up at midnight regretting that decision because the place felt like a freezer and I hadn't bought any sheets yet. The good news was that after turning the aircon off completely, I discovered that our place is well insulated which should save us money on power; the bad news was that I was cold and had no way of staying warm in bed. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Rachel's interview with the Embassy is today in New Zealand, I hope it goes smoothly and their visas get issued without any complications. Wish us luck!

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