Monday, May 16

Spending the Day by the Lake

We spent the majority of yesterday by Lake Burke which is about a 30 minute drive from where we live.

Most of what we do on the weekends is spontaneous in nature and for the most part, we are normally pleasantly surprised by what we find when we get there.

Lake Burke, to our surprise, had a mini golf course, amphitheater, train, play area and ice cream store. Our train ride was cancelled at the last moment due to rain and lightning so we'll have to go back again someday to see what that's like.

Maddy enjoyed the day outdoors in the sun, although he would have preferred if we had found a basketball court for him. He has a summer basketball camp in June and he wants to get some practice time in before then. Okay Mr. NBA!

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  1. Nice - sounds like a great place to go to visit. That's what we miss the most about Sydney - the nice places to visit that are full of kids activities. In Wellington, its either Te Papa or Junglerama at the moment. Not much choice for a 3 year old.


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