Friday, May 13

If You Think You Know What Your Child is Thinking, You're Probably Wrong

Most parents think they know what their child is thinking, either from experience or by judging from their facial expressions but let me tell you this; chances are, they're probably wrong.

Case in point: I was walking Maddy to the car this morning when he asked me if I thought we could get a haircut this weekend. This struck me as odd since kids don't usually ask to go for haircuts so I asked him why he wanted to get a haircut. I thought he was concerned about his personal appearance or maybe his hair was getting in his eyes.

He told me that his friend Annie liked feeling his hair when it's spiky but his hair wasn't spiky anymore.

At the bus stop yesterday, Maddy asked me if his friend Patrick could come over for an impromptu play date. Since Rach wasn't home and I was planning on some practice, I told him no. He didn't like the answer but he seemed to handle the disappointment well.

So during our 10 minute drive to the bowling center I decided to talk to him about how pleased I was about how he dealt with the disappointment and moved on. I also delved into the merits of how we don't always get what we want in life and dealing with failures and disappointments built character.

After I finished with my 10 minute monologue, I asked him what he thought and whether he understood what I told him.

He nodded yes and said, "So Dad, when we get back, can I go hang out with Patrick at his house instead?"



  1. Funny how he never complains when you say no but when Mommy says no he starts to whine lol

  2. haha Matt gives his 10 minute sermon and all Maddy hears is 'Blah, blah, blah'. Sounds like what happened to me at church on Saturday when Dad dragged us there for Visitors Day.
    And I also want to know what is Annie doing feeling Maddy's hair all the time....?? lol


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