Tuesday, May 10

Maddy the Bowler


Maddy has taken a liking to bowling, which comes as no surprise because it's kind of our family game. As far back as I can remember, the Mano'o family has bowled together since we were young. I could never beat my mom in the first game and Dad would be super competitive even if none of the rest of us were. We all enjoyed a family outing to the bowling alley, or bowling centers as they like to be called nowadays.

Since I spend more than an average amount of time in our local bowling alley, Maddy tends to tag along when he can. He has a unique technique, where he spins the ball in the wrong way for a left-hander. He spins it from right to left and despite my attempts to teach him the more accepted left to right technique he ultimately reverts back to his own way of bowling.

I don't blame him, he's had quite a bit of success with it.

We start our Father/Son league in a couple of weeks and we are both looking forward to it!


  1. I reckon, I can't remember a time when our family didn't go bowling! Remember bowling in Ethiopia?!? I still laugh thinking about those poor boys having to jump up and down to reset the pins - classic.
    Maddy has a pretty impressive technique. His approach and follow through is awesome. Seems to work pretty well for him. He might have to give Uncle Mark some pointers - he's a lefty too!

  2. aunty lagi6:03 AM GMT-5

    wow, awesome technique! don't think i was doing that at 8.. or 18... or 28 for that matter! :)
    LMAO @ the ethiopia bowling alleys... too funny!

  3. I remember the Ethiopia bowling alley! I still feel sorry for those poor kids, it was such a dangerous job.

  4. He listens well when it comes to Daddy coaching him. I'm sure they'll do great in the father in son compeition :)


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