Monday, July 12


It's been a while since we updated our blog so I thought I would post a few things that we've been doing since the last one.

Maddy is now on summer holidays and enjoying his time off school, even though he misses his friends.
The first week was spent with his friend Nathan at a basketball camp for a week. He LOVED it. I just wish it wasn't so expensive, or else I would have put him in the camp most of summer. Last week, I enrolled him at the Providence Rec Center in a SportsZone Camp which included soccer and basketball. He thoroughly enjoyed himself there too. It was a full day camp and everytime I went with Liz to pick him up, he didn't want to leave. He had made a few friends and was upset to leave them each day :(

This week will be spent mostly at home with me. Maybe the occasional movie, or play at the park or even a visit downtown DC. He's enjoys coming along with me to the gym as well. They have a cool kiddies play area with tube slides and all. I usually have to wait 10 mins after I'm done with my workout to wait for him lol.

We spent an afternoon with Liz and her cousin Lonica, Vai & Baby @ Splashdown Waterpark. Maddy couldn't get enough of the place and swam the whole time we were there. His favorite ride was the tube slide.
Maddy has also been to a few birthday parties this year -Dominic, Michael & Christopher's birthdays @ Pump it up, Avery's 8th birthday @ Skatequest, Danny's birthday @ Lasertag, and a birthday sleepover at Gavins place. We've decided not to have a bash for Maddy's birthday this year, but instead, take a small family vacation when Daddy gets back in a few weeks.
On another note, you may have noticed I no longer have a Facebook page. I decided to take a long vacation from that as I've been spending way too much time on there and not enough time with the important things in my life :) Happy Holidays everyone!!


  1. Loved the post! So Maddy has made up his mind already?

  2. I just asked him again and he goes... "oh no wait, I might change my mind" lol

  3. That's why I told him to sleep on it lol. I sure do know my boy :)


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