Tuesday, July 13

Movies to See

Maddy and I have been spending quite a bit of time at the movies during the holidays. The following list are the ones we have seen so far :)

The Last Airbender in 3D will not dissappoint. Was awesome and the effects were just as cool.

The Karate Kid was slow going at first but picked up half way through and ended with a bang. Thought Will Smith's son did a great acting job.

Toy Story 3 I'm actually surprised I liked this movie. Lovely story behind it.

Indispicable Me
Maddy laughed throughout the entire movie and really enjoyed it. Good for the kids.

Eclipse Hmm was ok and worth the $6 spent. I'm rooting for TEAM JACOB lol

Knight and Day thanks to Dads copy lol I kinda got bored halfway through and didn't finish watching the movie.

Grown-Ups have yet to see this one, but it's next on my list. Was told it's really funny!!!

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  1. MaddysDaddy7:38 AM GMT-5

    Grown Ups was funny in parts, well worth watching :)


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