Sunday, July 25

Happy 8th Birthday Son!

Barefoot Maddy @ 4 years old
Maddy is growing up so quickly. What happened to my little Samoan speaking, barefoot 4 year old? It seems like only yesterday that we were walking down a gravel path on the National Mall when our 4 year old Maddy kicked off his shoes to walk barefoot because he said his shoes made his feet hot. I can still remember the look of horror other parents were giving us as they walked by.

I'll see you tomorrow night son, Sakura here we come again!


  1. Can't believe Maddy's turning 8 already. Thank you Batgran & Papa and Nana & Grandpa for the meaalofa Maddy received in the mail this week xox

  2. Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday Maddy! How did it come around so quickly?? Here I was thinking that I had a few more weeks to organise a gift. to do some online shopping now. Happy Birthday my nephew. Hope you enjoy your Sakura dinner with your mom and dad. I hope you have a great day and we're sending much love from Sydney! xxx


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