Saturday, November 1


Trick O Treat
Smell my feet
Give me something
Good to eat

Maddy, the Red Ninja

Maddy, Danny (Darth Vadar), Michael (Black Ninja) and Danny's Sister

Maddy and Ashley


  1. Wow cool outfit Maddy! You look like Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. Can you tell that I've only just discovered Heroes and have been spending all weekend catching up on Season 1 & 2.

    Did he get lots of lollies and candy? Did many people smell his feet instead?!? LOL

  2. Great series aye? we love watching Heroes too hehe.

    His bucket was full when he met up with Ashley and I've had to hide some of it.

    As for the poem above, I volunteered in his class last Monday as their mystery reader and read a book called "Trick or Treat, Smell my feet" and Maddy couldn't stop repeating it LOL In fact a lot of the kids in his class kept saying it LOL I bet ya their parents were sick of it though LOL


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