Friday, November 14

Raingutter Regatta

Tonight, the Boy Scouts had their Raingutter Regatta boat race at Maddy's school. This is the first time he has ever participated in something like this. He and his Dad were given a small wooden boat, to put together and paint any way they wanted. Maddy chose a silver spray paint for the base of the boat and decorated his sail with lots of different stickers. He also painted a dragon on the top and signed his name.

The tigers started their race around 6.45 pm. Maddy won his first race but lost his second. He still had fun though and did really well, blowing his boat along with a straw. He won the next three races and almost won the last one. He came 2nd overall and was presented a medal as his prize. All the other boys did really well too and were given medals and ribbons for participating. Well Done Tiger Scouts!
I forgot to take the camera (unlike me) so had to use Daddy's phone to take pictures and videos of his races. You might need to tilt your head slightly to the right for the video though LOL

Practicing before the race
2nd Race

Receiving his Medal


  1. Go Maddy Go! Looks like someone is going to be racing in the America's Cup when he grows up.

    Love the sideways video!! :)

  2. Great lung power! You guys will have to get a medal cabinet just to fit all Madison's awards!


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