Tuesday, November 4

Dentist Time

Maddy had to have one of his top front teeth removed because the gum around it was infected. It was almost ready to fall out anyway, but because a white small 'pimple like spot' kept re-appearing above his tooth, on the gum, it was hurting everytime Maddy brushed his teeth. The Dentist said the gum around the tooth was infected. He suggested to remove the tooth altogether so the infection can heal.

Maddy was very brave and said it didn't hurt a bit. They did numb the area though but by just watching how the Dentist extracted it, had me squirming.

They also cleaned his teeth and found a few cavities which will need fillings. I also had my teeth cleaned and will need to go in for a deep root cleaning in a few weeks. Not looking forward to that as I'm sure it's going to hurt!!! ... I hate going to the Dentist LOL.

$2 from the Tooth Fairy


  1. Aunty Sachi6:45 AM GMT-5

    What a brave boy...gosh, has the tooth fairy also been hit hard by the economic crisis?!? LOL

    I remember that Matt never used to brush his teeth when he was younger but NEVER had any cavities - go figure!!

  2. LOL I thought I only put a dollar under his pillow and when Maddy walked out with $2 I was like ... WTH!!

    I was like Matt too back in my younger days ... I still don't have any cavities to this day though and the Dentist was quite surprised on the condition of my teeth since I had not visited a dentist for over 15 years :) I still hate them though LOL


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