Saturday, November 8

Bowling Birthday

Maddy was invited to Jason's birthday at the Bowling Alley in Annandale today. Jason is Maddy's friend from his 3rd Level Swimming class. Talk about a competitive bunch, these boys were gunning for each other and wanted to win, especially Maddy LOL. He did really well considering the last time he played was when he was 4 1/2 years of age with his Daddy's family in New Zealand.

Check out Maddy's cool slide moves LOL

Pizza Time

Jason with his cool chocolate chip cookie birthday cake and bowling pin signed by all his friends


  1. I want Maddy on my team the next time we go bowling! What was his final score?

  2. I think the first game he got 70 something and came second. The second game he was coming second againg but they didn't finish the game when the food came out. He had lots of fun though!

  3. Wow - he's a natural! Good camera work there on the second clip.

    Looks like heaps of fun - man, I'm scared already thinking about having to throw birthday parties for the next 30 years! LOL


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