Thursday, April 14

UPDATE: Doctors Visit Goes Well

Maddy skipped school today so he could go with mommy to the hospital and wasn't happy about it. He likes leaving the house with us every morning and doesn't like being left behind.

The doctors visit went well, the doctor said the heart murmur wasn't as pronounced as it was before and seems to be reacting well to the antibiotics. Thank God for that.

He's now on penicillin syrup for a month, twice a day. I hope it tastes okay so Maddy won't be too fussy about taking it. So far he's been very good when it comes to taking his medicine. He looks so proud of himself when he takes it and we let him know how very proud we are when he does.

Thank you for all of the support. It means a great deal to us to know that the help will be there should the need arise!

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