Thursday, April 28

Maddy and Amataga

Maddy has had an up and down day, as far as his friends are concerned. He was out playing with them early this morning but his friends deserted him after he became rather impetuous.

He has a habit of dominating everything and his friends can only take so much apparently. When he doesn't get his way, or noone listens to what he's trying to say he walks right up to whoever it was and smacks them.

It's funny though because he came crying back to the house earlier and when I asked him why he was crying he said that "Mataga smacked me!!!"

His new best friend, Amataga (Maddy calls him Mataga) from next door came back later on this evening and the 2 of them were again thick as theives. All's well in paradise.

Here's a photo of Maddy doing his tiger impression AAAAAHHHHHHH. He does it until he's hoarse sometimes. The kids love it.

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