Tuesday, April 12

Could Maddy Have Rheumatic Fever?

I know it's been awhile since I added something to Maddy's website and his journal. Things have been crazy and with all that's been happening, I haven't been in the mood to do anything online.

We managed to make the move to Lalovaea without too many complications. It's been kinda hard making the adjustment, Madison seems the least bothered of all of us, which is good. The house needs a lot of repairs. We're doing a little bit here and there but the major components such as the leaking roof and rotting floorboards will require the assistance of the aiga lautele.

Maddy is almost 100% healthy again after a worrying 5 - 6 weeks of the flu. We went to 3 different doctors, each of whom had a different diagnosis. The last visit we made was to the echocardiologists at the National Hospital who told us that Maddy has a minor heart valve malfunction caused by a mild case of rheumatic fever.

I am skeptical, to say the least. He has none of the symptoms and is very strong, active and has good stamina for a child his age. He doesn't have a rash of any kind nor does he suffer from joint pain.

Anyway, they say that Maddy must take antibiotics for a 10 day period after which he will be assessed again. If this treatment doesn't fix the "problem" he will require penicillin injections for an indefinite period of time. I hear that those shots are painful.

I'm thinking that maybe Maddy and his mommy might be coming to NZ for a checkup with a REAL doctor at a REAL hospital. Talk about frustrating.

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