Monday, October 23

You're a Good Boy Son

In case Madison reads this in the future, I just wanted him to know what a good boy he has been lately. Rachel and I both agree that he has been behaving exceptionally well, which makes us very happy and proud. He tried so hard to be a big boy, never wanting help if he can do it himself, responding to our instructions without whining or complaining. He is a little hard headed at times but it's all because he tries so hard to prove that he too is smart and that he should participate in the decision making process.

He wanted us to buy him an online game last weekend but I told him it costed money and he needed to find 18 dollars. So off he went to grab his piggy bank and asked Mommy to help him count out "eideen talas". He came up $11.00 short but after giving Mommy his sad puppy dog eyes, Mommy lent him the balance and Maddy got his game and Mommy and Daddy got big thank yous and hugs in return. A pretty good exchange, if you ask me.

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