Friday, October 13

Looking for News from Samoa?

If you're looking online for news from Samoa, I'm afraid you won't find much, especially if you're looking for a news source that is updated daily. The Samoa Observer used to have a good site but it hasn't been updated in over a year, which is a pity because it was one of the only ways Samoans living overseas could keep abreast of what was going on back home.

Luckily for those of us living abroad, a few new Samoan news sites have popped up. Edwin Puni's site has a nice little section on news from Samoa. I also found another site called which also has some regularly updated news from back home.

According to these sites it seems it is never dull in Samoa. The leader of the opposition party SDUP has stepped down after a failed leadership takeover, leaving Samoa without an opposition in Parliament. That can't be good. Also in the news, the Police Commisioner just crashed his car and the first officers on the scene just told him to leave the scene and that noone would know about it. I won't even go into how many parlimentarians have been suing each other and losing their seats to bribery allegations. On a lighter note, the newly crowned Miss Samoa was forced to step down because it was found that she was under age (17).

What's going on back home?

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