Monday, October 16

Visitors from New Haven, Connecticut

Uncle Steve and Aunty Lu arrived Friday evening to spend the weekend with us. Unfortunately their visit was cut short, as a family member on Uncle Steve's side passed away. It was fun catching up with them and Madison took to Uncle Steve very quickly. They bought him a playdough set, gumboots and raincoat (so he can splash in puddles), pick up sticks game and oversized playing cards. Maddy loved them all! They also bought some housewarming gifts i.e. placemat set, matching tea towels and a serving dish. Thanks Aunty and Uncle!!!

We spent Saturday downtown DC at the National Museum of the American Indian and took a few photos and bought a few postcards to send to Nana, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa. The building itself was amazing in design and shape and the Kasota stone used to build it was beautiful. Surrounding the building was a cascade flowing over boulders known as Grandfather Rocks which symbolises the Native Americans relationship to the natural world ~ it was just beautiful! The many artefacts on display and exhibitions were breathtaking and I was able to capture a few pictures on our cell.
We ate lunch at the Airspace Museum cafe, stopped off at IMAX theatre to watch a 30 minute film about famous astronauts who walked on the moon, in 3D, and then headed off home to rest, before we ventured out for dinner to celebrate Uncle and Aunty's 33rd wedding anniversary. WOW ... 33 years is a longggggg time! :)

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