Monday, May 22

Week 2 Update

I went to a baseball game at RFK on the weekend. It was a big game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals called the Battle of the Beltway since the 2 cities are cross town rivals. There were about 42,000 people in attendance and most of them were rooting for the home team. It was quite an experience since I've never been to a baseball game before, the atmosphere was something else!

I also went for a haircut at a black barbershop in my neighborhood. As soon as I walked in, everyone stopped talking and stared at me. I almost walked back out! But as soon as they found out I was Samoan and not Hispanic/Mexican I was good to go and the chatter started up again and I felt like I was in a movie or something, it was quite cool!

I saw a few movies on the weekend (since I don't have a TV yet) and while I liked Mission Impossible III, I thought the Da Vinci Code and Poseidon were a little boring. The popcorn was good though since they let you pour your own butter on, and I really poured it on hehe.

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