Thursday, May 18

Update From DC

Well here I am, in Washington DC working for the US government. I started work on Monday and tomorrow will complete my first week as a federal employee. It would be glamorous if it was FBI or CIA or even NSA but somehow Peace Corps doesn't seem to carry the same level of coolness but hey, it's a start!

It's been rather daunting finding a place to live but alls well that ends well. I'm living in the ghetto, trying to save on rent money and it's been pretty interesting seeing and living in an area you'd normally only see on TV. I haven't encountered any trouble yet and I've even walked home from the train at night by myself with no problems whatsoever. Having said that, as soon as I get my first paycheck I'm moving the heck outta here.

People walk so fast in this country. I tried walking at their speed but couldn't keep up for much longer than a few seconds and besides I feel silly walking that fast. It's almost like running. I'm walking down the street wondering where the fire is. I doubt if I'll ever get used to walking like that.

Riding the train everyday to get to and from work is another experience. I offered an old lady my seat this morning and she looked at me as if I was crazy or something. Everyone looks down while riding the train, which is funny because as an islander who is new to the big city, all I do is look around at all the different people from all over the globe who are in the train with me every morning.

That's a picture Rachel took the other day of Maddy saying he misses me and loves me. If you haven't seen the video of him at the playground on my Bebo page, you need to see it, it's great.

Hope everyone is well.

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