Sunday, November 7

Halloween & Fall Fair

We've had a busy Fall season with two halloween parties and the Merrifield Fair. Madison decided he didn't want to play soccer because most of the boys were playing travel soccer so I tried to find other things for us to do this season. Basketball starts up mid November YAY which Maddy can't wait to get right in to. Here are some pictures I took of us at the Fair, Christophers pumpkin painting party and Dominics halloween party.

Maddy's favorite part of the Merrifield Fall Fair

His fourth time up the wall

Building a Fire Boat

the finished product

Inside the bouncy house

Painting pumpkins at Dominics House
Playing games

At Dominic's house - An Ork, Scary dude and Darth Vadar

With Jack

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  1. Maddy seems to be going through a bit of a growth spurt aye?


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